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Ideal for gliders and engine/ECU changes, the Glider-Link solves communication problems caused by installing an older engine into a newer truck.
Translates J1708/J1587 to J1939 in real-time, bridging the gap between older and newer equipment. Plug and play, no configuration required.

Need J1939 to J1587/J1708 instead? Click here.
Translates a wide variety of engine and transmission data from J1939 to J1708/J1587 in real-time. Ideal for applications that mix equipment with different protocols.

Need J1587/J1708 to J1939 instead? Click here.
Translates J1939 250k to/from J1939 500k, allowing components with newer and older versions of J1939 to be connected together seamlessly

Translates CAT Data Link to J1939 Data Bus

Upgrade your engine monitoring system without upgrading your engines. The TMT78N2K directly translates J1708/J1587 data to NMEA 2000 to be read by all your N2K devices.
Bring modern-day monitoring to Caterpillar engines with CDL. The TMTCDLN2K directly translates CAT Data Link data to NMEA 2000 to be read by all your N2K devices.